Our mission at playonpro is to ensure that retirement from sports does not mean hanging up your boots


The playonpro team is made up of former professional sports people as well as the best and brightest in their respected fields. They have come together to provide a suite of services and events that allow players to carry on earning, playing and learning.

Due to pension law, many players experience a gap in wages between retirement and the age of 55 – playonpro aims to bridge that gap by offering retired players a chance to keep earning and playing.

As well as providing ex-players with an opportunity to keep earning, playonpro also assists with some of the main issues you are faced with when you retire from professional sports.

The loss of identity

Recent research conducted by FIFPro revealed that 35% of former players suffered from anxiety and depression, which is more than double that of the rest of the population.

Mental health issues are all to frequent with retired sports people, and these are often linked to a loss of identity when their playing career ends.

Playonpro offers an outlet to help players continue to play with their ex-team mates, and retain the camaraderie and the dressing room banter.