Playon is a global network of sports professionals set up with the aim of maintaining their value after retirement

Playon addresses a need of sports professionals which so far has been ignored or at best only partially addressed. The sports industry is awash with ex-players who hit the rocks shortly after retiring from their sport.  Almost half of Premier League footballers face the threat of bankruptcy within five years of retirement. 

Through its extensive network of current and former players and managers, understanding of the needs of players and ex-players and the use of the latest financial and social media tools, playon has been able to address the causes and offer solutions. 

Playon attempts to bridge that gap.  

Playon provides ex-professional sports people with opportunities and a platform to thrive after retirement. Through our series of events and tournaments, and our playonPRO app we become #StrongerTogether.


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 I played for 17 years, I've been retired 20. And I'm only 53. So I completely get the playon concept!

Trevor Steven, ex-Everton, Marseilles, Rangers and England. Playon Commercial Director.

Retired book

Alen Gernon, Author of Retired: What happens to footballers when the games up discovered that almost half of Premier League footballers face the threat of bankruptcy within five years of retirement. A third will be divorced within a year of hanging up their boots, rising to 75 per cent within three years.

With little or no support from the game to which they gave their lives, many end up addicted, depressed, living with debilitating illnesses, behind bars or even worse.

While elite few may be financially secure, or others may land plum managerial jobs or punditry roles, it transpires that for the majority retirement is something that they’re not prepared for and lives can spiral into a rapid and depressing decline. 

Problems encountered during retirement from professional football are not standalone issues. This loss of identity may lead to divorce, which in turn leads to financial problems. Financial problems can lead to mental health issues. They are all interlinked. 

Playon aims to help combat these issues by offering retired footballers the opportunity to continue playing competitively after their professional career ends.

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“When a player does retire, and it’s more difficult if you retire prematurely through injury, you often have to go through a period of bereavement.”

Gary Stevens - England, Tottenham Hotspur, Brighton, Portsmouth.