Playonpro Tournaments


Playonpro tournaments assist with the transition from playing professionally to not playing at all, very much like the masters in golf and tennis, it’s a natural progression from one to another

Playonpro tournaments allow players to travel the world together and play in competitive tournaments with other ex-professionals. 

Our playonpro Pros made their debut at the Hong Kong Sevens in May 2017, winning the tournament Plate. Every one of our ambassadors loved the experience and saw at first hand that when they travel with playonpro it is in real style.


What makes playon tournaments different?

To make the tournaments as exciting as possible we will endeavour to keep all playonpro games as free flowing as possible, with respect to the reduced fitness levels of the players. Match rules to include a sin bin and with the ball always in play.

Premier League players and stars from around the world will provide stellar entertainment that fans will want to pay to watch.

Prize money for the players in a winner takes-all-format that will ensure maximum competitiveness and thrills. All playonpro ambassadors to receive an initial competition fee.

Add-ons: our playonpro ambassadors will also be able to enjoy golf days and other entertaining pastimes all of which will add a different dimension to any other tournament of its kind.


Player hospitality

All games will be played outside of the UK. Playonpro will arrange travel, accommodation and transportation for all its ambassadors. The ambition is to provide the ambassadors with the same high standards they experienced throughout their careers.