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Chartsec Services Ltd provides market-leading ‘bespoke’ security services and solutions. The company does this through a selective number of specialist security consultants and operatives who between them have extensive commercial and corporate experience.

The company prides itself on the collective knowledge and experience held within its portfolio. All company members come from previous senior management careers in both the military-Special Forces and the commercial sectors. This experience and security knowledge is utilised to provide each client with the best security product solution.


Bespoke Private Residential Auditing and Applied Security Systems

Chartsec Services Ltd prides itself on the delivery of bespoke residential security auditing assessments. This service is directed towards the high-end market of professional individuals, being very discreet with signed confidentiality disclosure agreements in place.

Security auditing is designed to provide the client with an accurate true-to-life risk assessment for their premises and workplace, including the demands of their individual lifestyle as well as overseas travel.

Security Project Management Service (SPMS)

Once the security audit is complete, the findings and proposals are discussed with the client to confirm a set of realistic measures to enhance the client’s security and safety. Once all security measures are confirmed, a Security Project Management Service (SPMS) can be recommended to the client at a cost. This service enables Chartsec Services Ltd to undertake to project manage all security requirements on behalf of the client, interfacing with security vendors. These vendors are originated family run business, which have been specifically chosen by the security company for their excellent service records, this includes security-vetted clearance. Each individual company supports Chartsec in delivering a comprehensive and exceptional service, to implement a physical security layered system of measures to enable the applied measures to Detect Deter and Delay and finally respond to any given situation.

Security Lifestyle Package (SLP)

Once the completed security measures are applied, Chartsec offers the client a set of security lifestyle packages that provide continued security support 24/7 to maintain a long-standing relationship with the client. Three main SLP packages are available, all designed to ensure the security and safeguard the clients residence. 

SLP packages include the following features:

A full-time company assigned security consultant (with a previous extensive +25 years combined senior military & global commercial management background) to undertake the following:

  • Post incident care, assistance, and mediation with the authorities
  • 24-hr CCTV monitoring call centre and response, to include technical support and advice for all applied security applications
  • Quarterly reports relating to criminal activity updates with continued monitoring
  • Carefully timed periodic drive-by of the residential location
  • 24/7 on-call security consultations
  • Advise on additional security recommendations to maintain an updated and modernized security plan
  • Provide continued facility management to oversee the upkeep of all technical security products and installations recommended by Chartsec Services Ltd and their trusted vendors
  • Provide overseas advice and general risk overview (if requested)
  • Close Protection Officer (CPO) package for the UK and overseas extensive travel-Holiday
  • Physical residential home security monitoring while the client is away on business or holiday

Vetted approved security vendors providing the following services:

  • Security call centre monitoring 24/7
  • CCTV application
  • Smoke Cloak
  • Hammer Glass and alternative solutions
  • Security designed doors & windows; external-internal
  • Safe room design concepts
  • Electric gates

Elite VIP Close Protection & Travel Overseas

Journey and travel overseas, close protection specialists. Assigned Ex serving special forces and commercial senior elite security consultants 15+ years service, providing discrete and assured close protection to high ranking officials, corporate directors, celebrities and sporting world.

Close protection trained to diplomatic level, to include trauma medical training and advanced driving. Individuals have worked in some of the most remote and hostile environments in the world.

Correctly applied financial management, means services to respective clients, can be cost recoverable concerning accounting yearend tax returns.

Provision of services:

    • Ex-military Special Forces & commercial experience, combined experiences of 25+years
    • Special Forces close protection trained parties (x2) per 24/7 security protection
    • Police advanced driver specialists
    • Trauma medical specialist
    • Hostile environment trained
    • Discreet, covert, blend into your surroundings
  • World widely travelled & culturally experienced
  • Application of mobile tracking solutions and emergency alerts