Muhammad Ali 1986 Life Cast Display


The Greatest

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In 1986 The great Muhammad Ali had his face and fists moulded and cast. These are those casts.

The Icons left and right fists and his face have been cast and moulded to immortalize his likeness forever. There is also a minature copy of Ali’s left fist whish was the first casting that the artist made

Each Cast is individually mounted and framed and has a light within the casing to enhance the overall look and display of this one-of-a-kind item.

In addition to the 4 casts this huge frame has a series of photographs from Ali’s career and montages of the casting process.

There is also a colour TV that plays some of Muhammad Ali’s greatest fights on a loop.

This is a piece that truly captures the spirit and likeness of the man known as Muhammad Ali.

It’s not everyday you see something that has been in close contact with the greatest icon of boxing

Included in the price is a booklet of documentation including photographs of Muhammad Ali and the artist, certificates of authenticity signed by the artist and provenance that supports the history of this fantastic item

A true rarity in the world of memorabilia

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