England Legends Shirt Signed by Neville, Pearce, Walker and Anderson


Signature Position

Please note that the signature on your item may be in a different position or in a different pen to what is pictured, as is the nature of a signing session

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Four Lions on a shirt

Gary Neville – Stuart Pearce – Des Walker – Viv Anderson

Gary Neville

Neville played in 3 European Championships and 2 World Cups
He made the right back position his own for the England Football Team, earning over 85 caps over 10 years between 1995 and 2007- making him Englands most capped right back of all time. He even returned as England’s assistant manager between 2012 and 2016

One of the most decorated English footballers of all time and graduate of the iconic Class of 92

Des Walker

Quite simply Des Walker was unbeatable

It wasn’t long before Walker was called up for England – his football career started with Nottingham Forest in 1984 and by 1988 he was playing for England. He went on to earn 59 caps for his country, representing England in Italia 90 AND Euro 92.
Walker became the fastest player to earn 50 caps for England, doing so in just four years – testament to the consistancy and commitment that is expected with Des Walker

Stuart Pearce

Psycho is one of the all time great players for England
Stuart Pearce is forever engrained in the hearts of the English football fan, a man who personified passion, bravery and dedication every single time he represented his country.

No-one will forget the moment in Euro 96 where despite calls for him to not even go to the tournament, he stepped up to take a penalty (with his miss from Italia 90 still fresh in everyones minds) with the eyes of the nation watching him he fired home the penalty against Spain and roared to the heavens – providing one of the most iconic photos on England Football history

Viv Anderson

Viv Anderson was so good he forced the England team to play him regualrly and became the first black footballer to play for the national team – cementing him in the history books and a leaving a huge, important legacy for generations to follow.
This picture is of Viv Anderson representing England. Viv is famously the first black footballer to play for the mens senior team. He earned 30 caps between 1978 and 1988

Hand Signed England Legends Shirt

  • Signed by Viv Anderson
  • Signed by Des Walker
  • Signed by Stuart Pearce
  • Signed by Gary Neville
  • Complete with AFTAL COA


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